Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Big storm on 2008

Here are some more pictures of our house after the big storm! We had winds of 98mph whip through here at 6am on Monday morning. Trees and power lines were down all over the city. Our house was good in comparison to some of our neighbors, bad when compared to others. Let's stop for a moment and be thankful that nobody was hurt in our neighborhood, our neighbors all came together to get stuff done and we have power back now. All in all, it wasn't horrible. We have 4 small holes in the roof and when the branches came down they took a light and gutter with them. I decided not to gawk at our neighbors distruction so I don't have any pictures of the other houses on our block, just one neighbor trying to clear the road and the other neighbor's pin oak laying in their yard, narrowly missing their house!!!!!




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