Friday, July 25, 2008

Cone collar!!!!

Here is a Camper update! He is home and feeling fine! Well, I don't know that he is feeling fine, he is probally feeling gross but he is glad to be home with us for sure. It will take about 3 weeks for him to recover completely and have all the staples taken out of his belly (hence the cone) but he looks and acts like our old dog again!!! YIPPIE!


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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

One last note.....

I mentioned earlier in the week that there was some stuff going on with Camper and Ben and I want everyone to know that all seems well. We are waiting to hear from Savannah so that's not quite resolved but we have an idea about what is going to happen, more on that in the weeks to come.

Camper is MUCH better, thank you all for your prayers and calls!!! We can't believe it but he may be home tomorrow or Friday, two weeks at the vet!!!! Whew! It seems like a million years since we took him in. Vet thinks he may make a full recovery! Hurray! We will post pics of the homecoming!

More big storm

I wish I would remember to put these in order when I post but I forgot so they are sort of out of order. These are some pics of Bob and Marsha's deck (what used to be the deck!) and yard and of our yard after they got done pulling all the tree off our house.



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Big storm on 2008

Here are some more pictures of our house after the big storm! We had winds of 98mph whip through here at 6am on Monday morning. Trees and power lines were down all over the city. Our house was good in comparison to some of our neighbors, bad when compared to others. Let's stop for a moment and be thankful that nobody was hurt in our neighborhood, our neighbors all came together to get stuff done and we have power back now. All in all, it wasn't horrible. We have 4 small holes in the roof and when the branches came down they took a light and gutter with them. I decided not to gawk at our neighbors distruction so I don't have any pictures of the other houses on our block, just one neighbor trying to clear the road and the other neighbor's pin oak laying in their yard, narrowly missing their house!!!!!




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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

technical dificulties

We are having some stuff go on here at the Hartley house so all posting is postponed till next week. First, Ben got a call from Savannah College of Art and Design and they are flying him out for a formal interview on Wednesday. We have had quite a time preparing for this. The Friday night I had to rush our wonderful dog Camper to the emergency vet, where he stayed until Monday morning without getting much better. Pancreatitis was diagnosed and I took him straight to our vet when they opened Monday morning. Dr. Griner opened him up this morning and it doesn't look good. His pancreas is inflamed and there is an abscess. He has done all he can and now we just have to wait to see if he gets better. It's a tough week for us with lots of big stress. We can all use all the happy thoughts and prayers you can send. I'll post more next week.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July festivities

The 4th was great around here! Sam and Ben took the shark car to the neighborhood parade and had so much fun! Lilly was sort of dressed for the event, I walked her in the parade too. Sam is going to have a long career with OSHA, he insisted on wearing hearing protection to the fireworks. Lil thought the fireworks were awesome, she said "boom! Thank you!" after every explosion, it was really funny!




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New studio for me!

Ben decided that he felt guilty about hogging up all the studio space around here so he is building me a wonderful studio behind the garage with a senic view of the swing set and the back yard. It's beautiful and I can't wait to move in. I'll post new pictures when there is more to show!




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Pics of Sam the tool man!!!



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random pictures from the last few weeks

Well, it's been a long time since we have posted anything. This is mostly due to Sam's being out of school and needing constant entertaining. At this very moment he is whining that I'm not playing trucks with him. Wasn't powerwashing our garbage can fun enough??? Jeez.. Yes, the doll pictures are adorable, aren't they?



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