Monday, October 27, 2008

Don't miss this one...

Yep, this is Daddy letting his spoiled girl take a huge bite right out of her cake. Aparently, it's a new tradition. I can't wait for MY birthday!!!

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We had a great time! Thanks to all who came, eventhough the wind blew our power out! Lilly got lots of stuff that she really loves.



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Gender stereotyping

So who can resist tutu's and play kitchens when they are so darn cute??? Not me. Lil loves this stuff, it's really awesome to watch.



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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!!

We carved our pumpkins and nobody lost a finger. There was no blood drawn, no crying and only minimal whining. It was a successful Hartley Family event. I hope you all get lots of candy!



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Lil's new hat

I made this hat this weekend, I think it turned out so great. She "no like it" but when I bribed her with a graham cracker she sat like a little angel.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How freakin great is this????

Do you remember being a kid and getting your Halloween costume every year? Did you love yours this much??? Sam does. He is the webslinger and, even though he has NEVER seen a spiderman cartoon, he can tell you all about the masked superhero. Where does he get this stuff!!!! He insisted on wearing the costume all night last night. I had to draw the line at wearing it to bed. He jumped all over the furniture and snared Camper and Lilly in his invisible webs, fighting crime wherever it was lurking. He even wore the mask in the car to school, maybe I SHOULD send in that Mother of the Year form....

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Random pictures from the last few days

The first picture I just thought was nice of the kids playing with this super cool set of blocks I got at the resale shop. Sam really likes building things and we have had a great time with these. In the second picture, Lilly actually hoisted that basket into the chair and climbed into it while I was sitting right next to her. I never noticed, I was busy doing something else, like filling out my nomination form for Mother of the Year.


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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

By the way

This is what happens when you get your kids home from the park and give them a bath to wash off the hateful sand,...

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trip to the park

It was a really nice day on Sunday so we went to the park. It was nice, except for all the sand. Who puts sand under a kids playground? I hate sand, I'm still vaccuuming it up.




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So this is how it starts.......

So Sam asked me to get my camera and take some pictures of him on his skateboard. How could I say no?? He is our cautious kid, Lil is more likely to ride that thing, but he really thought he was a cool guy.



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This is what happens when you take too many pictures of your kid in front of his friends

So I went with Sam's class to the pumpkin patch on Friday and it was really fun. Sam, all the sudden, hates having his picture taken and was annoyed with having his Mom there all day. It was pretty funny. So, this is what I got.



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Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's finally done!!!

For years I have lived uner the heavy weight of Catholic guilt about not having my kids Baptized. I'm finally free. It feels good. Sam and Lil behaved like angels, eventhough Sam had to cling to Dad for dear life as he was slung over the font. I thought for sure that Lil would scream "stop that" or hit the preist or something but she did not. Sam did have a moment where he wasn't sure about the whole thing and he told Fr. Levitt that he "didn't want this stupid Baptism" but that was before we actually entered church so maybe God wasn't listening yet. Let's hope. Anyway, thanks to all who were involved, you know who you were. I appreciate all the help and support. Aunt Bish was a super trooper, getting up super early to be at our house at 8:30 am!!! She's gonna be an awesome Godmother!!! Lil's Godmother couldn't make it from Colorado, my cousin (and MY goddaughter) Emily, so Mom stood proxy, way to go! Grandma Marsha and Grandpa Bob took pictures, thank goodness! I hardly remember the whole thing, I was so stressed about what the kids would do!!!



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