Monday, January 28, 2008

Sick kid

Sam and Lilly have both been sick for the last two weeks. Sam had an ear infection and had a fever and all the crankiness that comes with it. Lil had some crazy bug and coughed all the time. They are better now, and totally destroying the house at this very minute. At least they are playing with eachother. Sam was so cranky and sicky he had me drag out his "blankie" and he slept with it and his favorite hotwheels car.
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They are going to kill me later,...

Yes, they will kill me for this in a few years but I just couldn't resist. It was so funny watching them splash around in the tub, they made the biggest mess!!

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Dance party, Moline style!

Sorry if this makes you all carsick. Lil and Sam and I listen to Justin Roberts CD's all day long and Lil is the greatest dancer! She really has the moves but every time I turn on the camera she stops. I only got this video by dancing with her, hence the jiggly camera work! Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I suppose this doesn't need any comment. I just love it when they play together.....

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New wardrobe!

Ben has been hard at work restoring this 1920's cabinet and drawers for me to use. It's totally amazing! He found it in the garage of a house he was working at. The former owners painted it mauve! It was horrible! It was actually twice this size but in order to make it usable he had to use pieces from the other side. We think it was originally used in a school biology department. It looks so great now, just like when it was brand new!!

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008


It snowed A LOT here in the past few weeks. It's all gone now but for a while there I was wondering how much longer we could all survive without going outdoors! These are just some random pictures taken in the last few weeks. Grandma Marsha came down on a really nice snow day and built a snowman with Sam. He had so much fun! This was the last we saw of him, however. Sam came in for hot chocolate and Camper went out to pee and turned the snowman into snowman dust. I can't believe nobody got to see him do it! He even ate the carrot!

Yes, they really laid like this for quite a while. It was so awesome to watch!
No, Lil isn't sleeping in the toy basket, just relaxing.

Christmas at last

I'm sorry this took so long. We had a wonderful Christmas with both of our families! Hartley Christmas was first. We celebrated at Bob and Marsha's house and had a great time. Next up was the drive to Louisville for Christmas with the Richard Family! It was wonderful! Sam was so good and so was Lilly! Pop and Mimi had huge tree with tons of presents under it and all our kids did was look longingly at it. I would have been ripping into everything if I was them.

This is the whole Richard Family

Lilly and Toby at Pop and Mimi's house

This is Christmas at the Hartley's. Yup got two wears out of Lil's dress.
It was the cutest thing on her! She was darling! Thanks Mimi!!!

Lil and Grandma Marsha with the doll Grandma made for her. She drags it all over the house!
It has blond hair and blue eyes just like Lil.
Buckeye t-shirt from Aunt Lynnie!! GO BUCKS! (ok, I know they lost but what the heck?)