Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Christmas at last

I'm sorry this took so long. We had a wonderful Christmas with both of our families! Hartley Christmas was first. We celebrated at Bob and Marsha's house and had a great time. Next up was the drive to Louisville for Christmas with the Richard Family! It was wonderful! Sam was so good and so was Lilly! Pop and Mimi had huge tree with tons of presents under it and all our kids did was look longingly at it. I would have been ripping into everything if I was them.

This is the whole Richard Family

Lilly and Toby at Pop and Mimi's house

This is Christmas at the Hartley's. Yup got two wears out of Lil's dress.
It was the cutest thing on her! She was darling! Thanks Mimi!!!

Lil and Grandma Marsha with the doll Grandma made for her. She drags it all over the house!
It has blond hair and blue eyes just like Lil.
Buckeye t-shirt from Aunt Lynnie!! GO BUCKS! (ok, I know they lost but what the heck?)

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