Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's finally done!!!

For years I have lived uner the heavy weight of Catholic guilt about not having my kids Baptized. I'm finally free. It feels good. Sam and Lil behaved like angels, eventhough Sam had to cling to Dad for dear life as he was slung over the font. I thought for sure that Lil would scream "stop that" or hit the preist or something but she did not. Sam did have a moment where he wasn't sure about the whole thing and he told Fr. Levitt that he "didn't want this stupid Baptism" but that was before we actually entered church so maybe God wasn't listening yet. Let's hope. Anyway, thanks to all who were involved, you know who you were. I appreciate all the help and support. Aunt Bish was a super trooper, getting up super early to be at our house at 8:30 am!!! She's gonna be an awesome Godmother!!! Lil's Godmother couldn't make it from Colorado, my cousin (and MY goddaughter) Emily, so Mom stood proxy, way to go! Grandma Marsha and Grandpa Bob took pictures, thank goodness! I hardly remember the whole thing, I was so stressed about what the kids would do!!!



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